Globator Minerals was established with the aim to create safe and natural cosmetics based on the base component - aluminosilicate known as ZEOLITE, the quality and purity of which are determined by the content of clinoptilolite. We are pleased to offer a premium class mineral because our zeolite contains +/- 93% clinoptilolite.

Zeolite is an exceptional mineral derived directly from nature, the presence of which in cosmetics enriches their composition, giving a wide range of positive effects on the skin.

Our guiding principle is to combine certified natural and organic plant components with the power of minerals, and all this with the aim to offer the most natural and mild cosmetics characterised by incredible power derived from the richness of the natural world.

The developed unique formulas based on carefully selected concentrated components are aimed to fully take care of the skin, ensuring satisfaction of the customers who commit to conscious and natural care.

About zeolite

Natural care can become a source of true satisfaction, harmony and mastery, it can effectively and safely take care of your body while taking care of your soul, because how else can we define a feeling of complete relaxation and immersion in scents that soothe senses and are inspired by nature?

Our cosmetics provide relief and relaxation and give a sense of inner bliss taking care into another dimension, and all this in full harmony and respect for nature, paying tribute to our Mother Earth who made it possible to create unique formulas offering the richness of the world of plants and minerals.

Both, professional care cosmetics (dedicated for SPAs, beauty parlours or wellness centres) and oral care products have been developed in close cooperation with experienced experts in the field of cosmetology.

The unique mineral-plant compositions used in the cosmetics, thanks to the concentration and careful selection of only certified organic/natural active components, made it possible to create natural and vegan products with a very wide spectrum of effects.

Our undeniable advantage is the fact that all our cosmetics are based on the base component  ZEOLITE, which is a 100% natural micronized mineral known for its excellent properties:

  • detoxifying by deep cleansing of the skin
  • absorbing urban pollution (smog)
  • brightening and evening out the skin tone
  • improving skin elasticity
  • moisturising and smoothing
  • and in the case of oral care products:
  • regulates pH level in the mouth, and thus creates a friendly environment
  • perfectly and extremely effectively removes tartar, which results in anti-caries protection.

Our zeolite is characterised by a very high content of clinoptilolite +/- 93%, which is additionally tribo-mechanically activated and micronized to +/- 5 microns, which considerably increases the absorption capacity of the mineral, which in turn increases its effectiveness and performance. It can well be called a real gem among minerals.

To take care of the planet, we use environmentally friendly recyclable packaging. Our cosmetics, as well as the natural ingredients used in their production, are not tested on animals.

The cosmetics have been awarded a quality certificate:

VIVA® – product suitable for vegetarians and vegans – issued by Fundacja Międzynarodowy Ruch na Rzecz Zwierząt -Viva ( International Movement for Animals -Viva Foundation) based at ul. Kawęczyńska 16/ 39, 03-772 Warszawa,